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Digital solutions for a changing world

Your customers want the best—and we can help you give it to them. Today’s passengers expect a rich and engaging entertainment experience when they fly, and the inflight entertainment world is evolving to meet these expectations. In addition to the latest Hollywood blockbusters, popular TV movies and regional favorites, passengers want unique, original programing that they can’t find anywhere else. Creative curated content and connected onboard experiences are redefining the passenger experience. These immersive entertainment, destination and e-commerce offerings are innovative and vitally relevant to your customers.

A new kind of onboard experience

Global Eagle is bringing together airlines, advertisers and content creators in entirely new ways to create world-class passenger experiences that generate new business models and revenue streams. Join us and our industry partners as we transform your passengers’ inflight experiences for the better.

Building profitable brand partnerships

Global Eagle is breaking new advertising ground by creating meaningful connections between airlines and advertisers across the globe, which increases brand awareness and creates unique ways to responsibly monetize passengers. Passengers are often looking for ways to make their flight more entertaining and engaging. We can create value for them by placing relevant, recognizable brands in compelling retail, destination and entertainment scenarios.

Creating connections that matter

By moving advertisers from the printed page to the moving screen, we are making a connection between beloved brands and entertaining and informative content - creating a truly unique inflight experience that your passengers will love.

Rich, diverse content for the modern traveler

Hollywood blockbusters and popular TV shows are the mainstay of any inflight experience. But passengers are seeking out increasingly diverse content, and airlines are also looking for ways to differentiate themselves in the market. Today’s internet content has broad mainstream appeal, but also provides a diverse perspective.

Global Eagle is working with these new content pioneers around the world to develop a portfolio of unique online entertainment that will entertain the casual traveler, educate business travelers and engage families of all ages.

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