Media & Entertainment delivery continues to increase in complexity, including demand for multi-device playback, variety of content formats and the increase in desire for the disruption of cycle-based entertainment, driving seamless enterprise solutions to the travel sector.

Our investment in Open™ – Global Eagle's cloud-based media and entertainment delivery platform, is at the heart of the next-generation passenger entertainment solutions and is already disrupting the travel entertainment industry to rival on-the-ground services.

Open™ is the “Industry Standard” cloud-based platform for delivering Media & Entertainment services for next-generation passenger experiences.

  • Volume of vast content material and expertise
  • Control with cloud-based agility, elasticity, data and AI intelligence, customer side portal
  • Choice of anytime, anywhere, any device

End-to-end cloud-based content delivery platform



A continually expanding Content Universe of titles, across all media types, sourced and licensed from international and local, distributors and creators – including our own dedicated specialist distributors EIM, Fairdeal and emphasis.


Cloud-scale workflow elasticity which dynamically allocates resources for operational optimization, offering flexibility of the content workflow for cycle disruption – effortlessly accessed via a metadata rich Customer Portal, with our Pulse™ data analysis integration option, for intelligent content curation.


Provides the ability to deliver all content to any device, at any time, including high-definition content – and increase consumer satisfaction by taking full advantage of variable content licensing windows, to maximize the impact of fresher content availability.


Pulse™ is Global Eagle’s Enterprise Data Intelligence Hub - a large scale, high performance cloud based data warehouse with a user friendly portal accessing various modules.

As the company’s centerpiece for analytical insights, the hub automates the acquisition, extraction, validation, and normalization of market and other contextual datasets from multiple sources. With the aim of supporting each airline’s unique strategy and improving workflows across their entire enterprise, the client becomes better informed to make internal decisions whilst also saving on timely and costly data integration and development resources.

Content Analytics: The platform harnesses user data to deliver a personalised entertainment experience to increase passenger satisfaction and generate ancillary revenue opportunities. By tracking what customers are watching and when, airlines can make more effective strategic decisions about their content selection and investment.

  • Tracks user consumption at a granular level
  • Flexible system agnostic architecture; ability to integrate and deliver media and entertainment data across multiple IFE hardware systems;
  • Detailed content consumption by seat, seat class, genre, content type, distributor and all the metadata information for media types such as Movies, TV and Audio
  • Movie and TV show viewership rankings based on defined criteria (best and worst performers)
  • Media cost and revenue generator; cost per view analysis


masFlight is trusted by global airlines for aviation analytics.

 The platform aggregates, fuses, normalizes, stores, and distributes information from multiple datasets such as flight schedules, status and weather, in order to get a view of the operation and in turn support the various planning and scheduling functions to reduce cost and improve operational efficiency across the airline.

Get key insight on On-Time Performance, aircraft turn times, gate utilization and much more to answer any operational question

  • Historical, current and predictive reports, charts and analysis
  • Real-time updates and event tracking for instant decision making
  • Personalisation, customisation and benchmarking performance

Network Resource Management (NRM)

Part of our SD-WAN technology platform, NRM is a Traffic Acceleration Platform that Controls and Optimizes the Connected Passenger Experience

Global Eagle’s connectivity enhancing software NRM uses proprietary technology to identify, segment and manage internet traffic. NRM monitors user internet consumption including Web Browsing, Video Streaming and Messaging, to enable prioritization over background data traffic such as software updates, P2P and large file transfer.


By technically handling internet traffic data at this granular level, bandwidth can be precisely managed to maximize every MB and effectively match direct user demand.

  • Network Optimization
  • Intelligent App Prioritization
  • Economical Streaming
  • Price Point Segmentation
  • Net Neutrality
  • Increasing Video Bandwidth
  • Background Data Reduction

Our expertise

We take out the guesswork by analyzing your customer demographics to understand what's most relevant and popular with them and create apps especially for their needs.

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