Inflight Advertising

Inflight Advertising - Over 3 billion passengers are waiting to hear about your brand, product or service

Take your message to new heights!

Global Eagle partners with the world’s leading airlines to provide content solutions, Wi-Fi connectivity, and advertising innovation.  Enhancing marketing and advertising campaigns, Global Eagle is capable of precisely reaching target markets through various advertising platforms throughout the passenger journey.

Airport Executive Clubs

We have partnered with top airlines in the U.S. to facilitate branding and marketing opportunities to airport executive clubs, engaging the most affluent and influential consumers. Utilizing sizable media screens, experiential marketing and new to market digital opportunities, advertisers and airlines connect through unique passenger experiences before they take flight.

Inflight Connectivity

With 97% of passengers bringing their own devices on board, we have been able to create unique and receptive impressions up in the air. Through digital media opportunities, exclusive branding and content sponsorships, our connectivity and advertising partners recognize a truly captivated audience. 

Inflight Entertainment

We offer advertisers and brands to partner with select inflight entertainment airline partners to display standard 30 and 60 second advertisements or custom content to millions of travelers who are already watching prime television and movie selections during their domestic and international flights.  


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