Aviation big data solutions

Accurate. Integrated. Reliable. Real-time.

Global Eagle’s Operations Solutions’ MASFLIGHT platform enables aviation big data solutions with insightful business intelligence that drives results. The MASFLIGHT platform offers a single source for operations data in real-time for day-of decision-making and historic data for predictive analytics.

We pioneered the adoption of cloud technology to collect, compile, link, validate and host information sets, and have partnered with name-brand industry and technology providers (including Amazon, FAA, Google, OAG and others) to offer a one-stop solution for aviation analysis and information management. 

Flight operations

Accurate, integrated flight operations data in real-time to support day-of disruption management, reducing the number of flight cancellations, delays, diversions, and improving operation reliability.

Operations planning

Accurate, integrated, post-op data to support operations planning, including flight schedule, aircraft maintenance and other resources, resulting in improved overall operational efficiency, cost savings (such as fuel), and better passenger experience. 

Asset Forensics

Real-time equipment hours & cycles, operational severity assessment, not-to-exceed airfield and enroute performance based on actual weathers, asset contingency planning and risk management, lessees operations due diligence and contract compliance, maintenance tracking and reserve assessment, enhance long-range MRO forecast fidelity and strategic planning precision.

Passenger experience

Accurate, real-time data to improve passenger experience through fewer cancellations and delays, better notification of flight disruptions, smoother connections, and timely response to consumer requests. 

Airport operations

Complete data for airport capacity projections, runway and gate usage, passenger traffic flows, taxi time analytics, concessions planning, passenger notification, and overall airport operations.

Pre-stocked data for more than 400 global airlines

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