Operations Solutions

Airline Data Analytics

Optimize Operations Decision Making

How can Global Eagle help you increase productivity?  We develop software and network analytics that support the exchange of operational data between an airline’s network operations, the aircraft, and ground and flight crews. You rely on this critical data to make smart decisions that improve your service and passenger satisfaction.  Access to timely, accurate data empowers you to adjust workflow and enhance your operational activities.

Facilitate On-Time Departures

In an industry known for tight margins, airlines must develop a core competency in saving time. With fast, reliable access to aircraft- and crew-generated data, your management and ground support can turn around an aircraft more quickly than before: Advance information about cabin inventory, maintenance and repair needs, and gate changes saves valuable time on the ground and results in more on-time departures.

Reduce Costs

Saving time in the airline industry usually means saving money. With the ability to make rapid, reasoned decisions based on the inflight exchange of reliable aircraft and cabin information, you can reduce your operational costs – and increase your profit margins.

Improve the Passenger Experience

Faster access to critical information inflight increases your ability to respond to operational changes quickly, thereby reducing delays and ultimately improving the passenger experience.



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