Airtime Lounge


Complete the passenger journey

Airtime Lounge is a browser-based media portal that allows airlines and airports to offer a wireless entertainment product in addition to their current Wi-Fi in lounges and airport terminals. As a modular product, it offers passengers a customized entertainment experience, which can include financial market data, live newsfeeds, movies and TV, location-based data, destination information, digital publications, weather and sponsored experiences.

Curated content catalog

Airlines and airports can customize their media portal to offer a BYOD experience for in-transit passengers. Content can be personalized for passenger demographics and airport locations.

User-focused and accessible

Airtime Lounge is a time sensitive portal, catering to the amount of time each passenger has before their flight. Content will be filtered to optimize the user experience. 

Flexible hardware and software offering

Global Eagle is able to customize the solution based on the current available infrastructure set-up in airports and/or lounges.

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