Airtime Content-to-Go

Airtime Content-to-Go is a low-cost IFE solution for mobile devices


Engaging passengers throughout their entire journey

Passengers can now create their own in-flight entertainment experience through our innovative application Airtime Content-to-Go, a low-cost IFE solution for mobile devices. Passengers tailor their on board entertainment by securely downloading digital content to their preferred device prior to take-off.

A revolutionary solution that requires no onboard hardware

Our product, available on the iOS and Android operating systems can be deployed, both as a stand alone application or can seamlessly integrate into your existing airline application via an SDK.

A highly personalized IFE experience

Content-to-Go integrates with airline reservation systems, which enables complete control over passengers’ download allowance. The content catalog can vary per route, tier-level and/or class.

Airlines can also benefit from Global Eagle’s advantageous position as an industry leader in content services. Our solution has been approved by a growing list of major content distributors.

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