Customizable Wi-Fi Portal
Airtime - Brand your inflight Wi-Fi service


Inflight WiFi with Airtime

When you install Global Eagle’s satellite-based service on board your fleet, you can control and brand your inflight WiFi service with our customizable portal. Airtime is the central platform for your passengers’ inflight experience: An entertainment gateway where you can build airline brand loyalty.

Compatible and profitable

Adaptable, programmable and consistent, Airtime connects through any mobile device via iOS and Android. It also offers you a profitable way to differentiate, personalize and extend your brand.

Advertising and sponsorship opportunities

Airtime is not only the medium—it is also the message. Within this compelling inflight WiFi experience, you have access to a unique platform where you can launch customized marketing programs for:

  • Brand awareness
  • New product launch
  • Lead generation
  • Trial generation
  • Customer conversion
  • Customer retention

High-performance inflight entertainment

Your passengers want the best selection of international and regional entertainment and we can provide it. Our close relationships with the world's leading studios mean that we have access to top movies in every genre. We have negotiated rights for stored and streaming television from leading news, sports, network and cable channels. We deliver all this content with the most advanced technology solution in the industry, ensuring that your passengers can see what they want when they want it.

Reducing downtime with web reporting

If your service hits any bumps, we will make sure you’re prepared. Our web-based reporting dashboard uses powerful telemetry to spot major product uptake trends and catch potential outages early. Each airplane sends an in-depth reporting log to a Global Eagle server, which the airline can access to get reports and carry out detailed analysis. This data can be sorted by flight, product, tail number, route, trend, and more.

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