In-flight Airshop Retail Solution
Airshop - Passengers can buy items directly from their seat-back screen


Say buy buy

An airline flight provides a fantastic opportunity for passengers to relax and do some shopping. Using our inflight retail solution, Airshop, passengers can quickly and easily buy items from your duty-free catalog directly from their seat-back screen. This innovative shopping system allows you to easily add images, video and text in multiple languages to effectively promote the products you have for sale onboard.

An easy and effective retail solution

By showcasing your goods with Airshop rather than in a printed catalog, your airline can significantly reduce onboard weight. Passengers also find Airshop to be a much more convenient way for them to browse and select the items they would like to purchase. This visually engaging and easy-to-use shopping system will help generate significant ancillary revenues for your airline.  

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