Global Eagle Helps Bring Live Streaming iHeartRadio To Southwest Airlines Fleet to Improve the Passenger Experience

18 May, 2018

Los Angeles – May 18, 2018 – Global Eagle Entertainment Inc. (NASDAQ: ENT) joins Southwest Airlines in announcing the addition of iHeartRadio® onboard, as an additional entertainment product to improve the inflight experience.

Southwest today is offering Customers a new amenity – live music streamed on aircraft enabled with WiFi through Global Eagle–from iHeartMedia. The live music is streamed through Global Eagle’s award-winning customer engagement portal, Airtime. Streamed music joins several existing onboard amenities that have made the Southwest experience a Customer favorite: live television, movies on demand, and games, as well as a flight tracker, arrival/connection information and inflight WiFi service.

“We want to enable travelers to enrich their time inflight by bringing our broad and deep portfolio of solutions to create an at-home experience while flying,” said Per Norén, Global Eagle EVP & Chief Commercial Officer. “Through the addition of iHeartRadio to Southwest Airlines aircraft enabled with Global Eagle’s WiFi  product, we are pleased to continue to partner to enhance the Customer experience.”

Teams at Global Eagle worked around the clock to develop, test, and deploy iHeartRadio onboard Southwest aircraft and completed the work within three months.


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