GEE to Deliver Inflight Connectivity on China’s Hainan Airlines and Beijing Capital Airlines

18 Dec, 2015

GEE Signs Deal With Shareco, HNA Group's IFC Operating Firm, to Launch Internet Access, Live TV, AVOD, Destination Services, and e-Commerce

Today GEE announced a milestone deal with Shareco to launch GEE's AIRCONNECT inflight connectivity solution aboard ten aircraft operated by the HNA Group of China.

Shareco will lead the commercial and operational planning for the program.  GEE will provide its Airconnect inflight connectivity solution aboard five 737NG aircraft operated by Hainan Airlines and five A320 aircraft operated by Beijing Capital Airlines, both of which are part of the HNA Group. Using the Airconnect connectivity platform, together GEE and Shareco will provide passengers on both airlines with a broad range of customized inflight entertainment and connectivity services, including onboard internet access, online shopping and payment, live television, interactive games, on-demand music, movies, TV shows, and destination city services such as connecting gate information, weather, and flight tracking.

GEE will also manage the STC certification process and provide ongoing IFEC technical support on behalf of Shareco and the HNA Group. Hainan Airlines and Beijing Capital Airlines passengers can expect to begin enjoying the advanced inflight entertainment and connectivity services in Q3 2016.

"As the first Chinese company to fund and operate a satellite-based IFC system, Shareco is honored and eager to lead the development of China's inflight entertainment and connectivity industry with services delivered over Global Eagle's well-proven, highly certified and flexible connectivity solution," said Jason Sun, Shareco Chairman. "We are creating a highly unique, personalized passenger experience aboard Hainan Airlines and Beijing Capital Airlines through a collaborative effort with GEE that draws on the deep commercial and technical expertise of Shareco and GEE."

"Global Eagle is proud to be playing such a key role in support of the HNA Group, Shareco, Hainan Airlines and Beijing Capital Airlines, as together we deploy one of China's first and most innovative inflight connectivity solutions," noted Dave Davis, GEE CEO. "GEE has made significant investments inChina in recent years. We are beginning to see returns on these investments and there is tremendous future opportunity."

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