Global Eagle Rolls Out New Apps and Games at APEX

24 Oct, 2016

Inflight Resources Keep Airline Passengers Engaged and Entertained

Global Eagle is rolling out a trio of high-flying mobile apps and games at the Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX) Expo this week to make life easier and more enjoyable for air travelers. These new inflight resources will help passengers avoid jet lag, catch up on current events in their favorite newspapers and magazines and keep young fliers entertained.

Global Eagle’s new jet-lag recovery mobile app will augment its existing seatback Airhealth passenger wellness program. Encompassing flying-related health tips, inflight exercises and a quiz, Airhealth now features an optional mobile app to help passengers manage jet lag before and after the flight. By entering their flight schedule, travelers receive a personalized jet-lag recovery program with step-by-step instructions for managing their sleep-wake cycles and melatonin levels.

A finalist for the “Best Personalization Innovation” category at this year’s APEX Awards, Global Eagle’s Airtime Content-to-Go app has a new feature that allows passengers to download their favorite newspapers and magazines from around the world. A low-cost IFE solution for mobile devices, Airtime Content-to-Go lets passengers create their own inflight entertainment experience by securely downloading TV shows, movies and, now, e-publications. Travelers can select and download the media before take-off and access it inflight or throughout their entire journey, depending on the media. Available for iOS and Android devices, the app can be deployed standalone or be seamlessly integrated into an existing airline application.

For younger passengers, Global Eagle is now offering “Mickey Mouse Date Dash,” a new seatback game created in collaboration with Disney Studios. Built to support all main IFE platforms, the title is Global Eagle’s latest installment in a series of new games based on popular Disney and Pixar franchises – with more mobile bestsellers to come.

“Airhealth and the new jet-lag recovery app will help put passengers at ease about flying, and Airtime Content-to-Go and ‘Date Dash’ will keep them informed and entertained,” said Alexis Steinman, senior vice president Digital Media Solutions for Global Eagle. “These new offerings are part of Global Eagle’s commitment to provide a rich and highly personalized entertainment experience for passengers throughout their entire journey.”


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