Global Eagle Entertainment Completes Acquisition of Emerging Markets Communications

27 Jul, 2016

Global Eagle today announced that it has completed its previously announced acquisition of Emerging Markets Communications ("EMC"), a leading communications services provider to maritime and land mobility markets. 

The combination creates a leading provider of global satellite-based connectivity and media for fast growing global mobility markets across air, sea and land. Combined with EMC, Global Eagle will serve more than 400 clients with 6,500 aircrafts, 1,600 vessels and 100,000 cruise ship cabins – in addition to some of world’s most remote land-based locations for organizations including energy and mobile network operators, governments, the United Nations, and non-governmental organizations. 

Combined with EMC, Global Eagle possesses unique attributes that will provide additional opportunities to drive revenue growth and operational efficiencies, including: 

  • An unparalleled portfolio of products and services tailored to mobility markets, including global connectivity, media content in 47 languages, live television, travel and entertainment apps, user interface platforms and data capture and operations analytics tools;
  • A global sales force and support organization that reaches all major mobility verticals including aviation, maritime, energy and remote locations; 
  • A satellite and ground-based network infrastructure that can provide customers connectivity and media across multiple frequency bands anywhere in the world; 
  • Proprietary, patented technologies that enhance the connected traveler’s user experience and reduce costs across market verticals; 
  • A diversified revenue base with over 400 customers, balanced between media and connectivity, with over half of all revenue coming from international markets; and 
  • Engineering, technical and managerial resources to effectively drive new product development, program management, product maintenance, and field support. 

With the combination, Global Eagle benefits from significant economies of scale and an enhanced global infrastructure that enables it to deliver a comprehensive portfolio of products to customers. 

Press Release | EMC Website


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