“Are we there yet?” Why parents love in-flight entertainment

17 Feb, 2015

As any adult with young children knows, traveling long distance can be tough. Very tough. The restlessness, the squabbling, the tantrums... and that’s just the parents! Wait until the children start complaining!

Air travel can be particularly challenging. Ever seen a young Mum battling her way through a busy airport with a baby strapped to her front and toddler clinging to her leg whilst simultaneously dragging a suitcase and pushing a stroller laden with baby gear? When she finally makes it on to her flight, all that Super Mum wants is a cool drink, a foot massage and some peace and quiet. So after the neighbours have been kicked a couple of times, the kids are safely strapped in and the ear-popping screams have subsided, parents begin to pray that the screen in front can provide some sort of soothing distraction.

Thankfully more and more airlines are now catering to younger travellers, providing a whole array of brilliant inflight entertainment (IFE) content to keep little ones enthralled in their seats - just long enough to give long-suffering parents some much needed rest. The calibre of kids TV shows available these days is very impressive. Boys opting for the likes of Bob the Builder and Shaun the Sheep while the girls can sit back and enjoy Ben and Holly and Dora the Explorer.

The quality of kids’ movies in recent years has been simply staggering. Box office busting films such as The Lego Movie, Frozen and How To Train Your Dragon 2 are available on many airlines’ IFE systems – don’t be surprised to see the adults secretly watching these fantastic titles too! Music loving kids have all of their heart-throb teen idols available to listen to as well as a growing library of fun and educational podcasts produced solely for the younger generation. Games also remain very popular inflight – the most played kids titles of 2014 were Disney’s Mickey’s House Party, Juan’s Magic Lab, Bubba’s Peanut Frenzy and Tik Rack Toe.

Even the latest moving map on the IFE market has features just for children. The fantastic ‘FlightPath3D’ has a kids section that allows children to explore interesting places, attractions and natural wonders from across the globe. Children are entertained and educated as they discover life-like 3D models of natural and manmade treasures - from polar bears to The Pyramids.

As Grandma always said, ‘Too much TV will make your eyes square!’ Therefore, it’s always a good idea to make sure that little ones mix up their inflight entertainment viewing with some drawing, reading and even sleep if you’re really lucky. So next time you hear a child screaming at the top of their lungs as the plane takes off, be grateful for that screen in front of you. It’s almost guaranteed to keep even the most energetic child quietly entertained for at least some of the flight!


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