Airlines for America and Global Eagle Launch Dashboard Detailing Flight Operation at U.S. Airports

17 Aug, 2016

Airlines for America (A4A), the industry trade organization for the leading U.S. airlines, today launched a new interactive data dashboard designed to provide the traveling public with access to aggregated flight operations information for U.S. airlines and airports across the country. The dashboard, displayed at, was produced in partnership with Global Eagle Entertainment Inc. (GEE) and will provide the current operation status for the top 30 U.S. airports by passenger volume.

A4A partnered with GEE to develop this dashboard as a resource for industry partners and others who have a need for aggregated on-time performance data at the airport level or based on current weather patterns.

The dashboard, tapping into GEE’s unsurpassed aviation data analytics capabilities, is complete with scroll-over maps, real-time flight departures, completions, cancellations, on-time performance and weather conditions at the national and local airport level. This new resource also provides a detailed, rolling 30-day analysis of completed and canceled flights. GEE’s solution will enhance this offering by adding current analysis tools of all U.S. flight operations.

“Weather conditions can change quickly and have a significant impact on U.S. airlines and the 2.2 million passengers they serve every day across the globe” noted John Heimlich, Vice President and Chief Economist for Airlines for America. “Airline passengers, airlines and airports now have the most reliable and current information about how potential weather disruptions are impacting travel at a specific airport or across an entire region of the country.”

“Global Eagle’s operations solutions and analytics business is built on our ability to provide real-time, in-depth analysis of increasing amounts of big data produced across the aviation industry,” said Bernard Asare, Vice President, Connected Aircraft Solutions for GEE. “This is a powerful and unprecedented approach to data analytics, and we anticipate the A4A dashboard becoming a go-to resource for those in the industry and policy-makers who want to be better armed with information.”

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