The PME Interview with Ed Shapiro

12 May 2015

Cast your mind back to APEX EXPO in September 2014. Our keynote speaker was Ed Shapiro, a Partner at PAR Capital Investment, an industry investor with substantial holdings in IFE companies such as Lumexis and Global Eagle Entertainment (GEE). Ed had some extremely insightful remarks on the value of our industry to airlines and the future direction for connectivity. If you missed Ed’s keynote speech or would like to re-visit it, then here is your opportunity as Steve Harvey meets Ed Shapiro. READ MORE

GEE at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg

20 Apr 2015

The Aircraft Interiors Expo is one of the largest and most important tradeshows in the IFE&C calendar.The show boasts 149 unique airlines representatives, 500+ exhibitors from 26 different countries and over 9,000 attendees. This year it dazzled with a larger number of attendees, including airlines from around the world, and exhibitors. READ MORE

The Miracle of Technology

26 Mar 2015

My grandmother was born in 1895. She grew up in an era where radios were a part of the living room furniture – as big as a cabinet or a recliner. When small, handheld transistor radios came out, she thought it was a marvel of invention. As a child, I would go over to her house for Sunday afternoon visits. She would invariably beckon me over to where she was sitting, silently insert her earphones into my ear so I could hear the baseball game while she would watch my face for some sort of reaction. READ MORE

GEE invites airlines to attend its market-leading IFE&C Technology and Trends Workshop in Abu Dhabi

16 Mar 2015

We are delighted to announce the next edition of GEE's Inflight Entertainment and Connectivity Technology and Trends Workshop for airlines in Abu Dhabi, UAE, on Thursday March 26th. READ MORE

Six Miles High at 600mph

26 Feb 2015

I remember the first time I boarded an aircraft and was able to reach out and communicate using Instant Messaging. The realization that I was still in touch with civilization was hugely welcome - that sense of isolation in flight and being not quite "in control" of the situation vanished while messaging with friends on the ground. READ MORE

“Are we there yet?” Why parents love in-flight entertainment

17 Feb 2015

Mom in airport with child

Air travel can be particularly challenging. Ever seen a young Mum battling her way through a busy airport with a baby strapped to her front and toddler clinging to her leg whilst simultaneously dragging a suitcase and pushing a stroller laden with baby gear? READ MORE

GEE provides comment to Reuters on European inflight WiFi trends

16 Feb 2015

Robin Cole, GEE's VP of Global Business Development, recently commented on the ancillary revenue opportunities that inflight connectivity provides to airlines in an interview with Reuters. READ MORE

GEE announces the co-development of a new Ku / Ku-HTS antenna

05 Feb 2015

Joint development of a new Ku / Ku HTS antenna with QEST, a leading developer of high performance antenna systems. READ MORE

From the Field: AIME Aircraft Interiors Middle East

02 Feb 2015

Come find us at the AIME show in Dubai, we're at booth 1020. Coffee is on us! READ MORE

GEE’s connectivity solution is provisions offerable for linefit on B737s

20 Jan 2015

Our connectivity system is now "provisions offerable" for B737 aircraft, allowing airlines to order GEE's connectivity system to be installed before delivery of a new aircraft. READ MORE

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